Ema Koja

Ema Savahl. The name conjures visions of exquisite femininity, originality, confidence, independence and power combined with vulnerability. From provocative, sensual and seductive, to demure, pensive and a bit shy, Ema Savahl creations capture the essence of the women who wear them. Creator/designer Ema Koja considers every woman to be an individual work of art, who deserves to be framed in an equally original work of art. With her unbridled imagination, exquisite taste, keen eye for color combinations and attention to detail, Ema has developed a sparkling reputation among fashionistas and celebrities worldwide. Once you see an original Ema Savahl, you recognize it immediately, because it is truly unique.

Ema Koja, the creator and designer of Ema Savahl, was born in the ancient city of Tirana, Albania. One might think that growing up under one of the most repressive communist regimes the world has ever known may not be conducive to sparking a career as one of the world’s most fascinating couturiers. Ema herself notes that fashion in her home country was, “flat, non-existent; you were expected to be part of the group, to embrace the herd mentality.” But she was blessed to have a strong relationship with aunts who were seamstresses, who passed on to her their skill as well as an inherent sense of style. Her father, who was a national legend as a volleyball coach, recognized Ema’s own remarkable athletic ability and instilled in Ema a relentless work ethic, uncompromising discipline and fierce independence.

The collapse of communism in her native Albania precipitated a family move across the Adriatic Sea to Italy, where Ema embarked on a career as a professional volleyball player. Ema’s athletically proportioned frame caught the eye of fashion industry insiders and she soon found herself in demand as a fit model for such brands as Blue Marine, PARAH and Off Limit. A shoulder injury ended Ema’s athletic career, but offered her the opportunity to plunge head-first into the fashion industry. She tackled the process with the same fierce tenacity that served her as a professional athlete. She studied pattern making, fabrics, raw materials and artistic design. She embraced change and adversity, treating both as stepping stones and blessings in disguise. She took a year to travel the world, to feed her soul with art, culture and beauty, ending up in the vibrant, multi-cultural melting pot of Miami, Florida - a city where delicate fabrics, exotic colors and fervent artistry were embraced and celebrated. Ema knew she was home.

Ema Savahl Designs opened for business in 1996 and has been making women look and feel beautifully unique ever since. And since each and every dress is individually hand molded or hand painted, no two are exactly alike. Celebrities including Katy Perry and Roselyn Sanchez have graced the red carpet in Ema Savahl.

Once you see an Ema Savahl, you will want one. Once you wear an Ema Savahl, you will never feel the same.